Truly Handcrafted Foods

truly handcrafted foodS


We are your local salad supplier – Yours Freshly! We are a family run and owned business, operating from our kitchen in New Jersey. We are excited to bring to you

the most delicious salads - individually handcrafted in small batches, by hand. Each salad is carefully packaged and the retail line is MAP-sealed to keep our salads fresh the longest. Our product is not only known for its handcrafted looks, but also premium ingredients, which are sourced from around the world: feta cheese is imported from Greece, chickpeas from Spain, and our fresh herbs, tomatoes and vegetables are sourced locally, weather permitting, of course! We are proud to be able to deliver our products directly to your home or store.


pimento cheese grits.jpg

While our Pimento Cheese is good enough to grab a fork and get to work, There are many dishes it pairs well with. Pimento Cheese Grits are a tasty homemade southern tradition. They’re creamy, rich and so good with eggs and sausage, you’ll love this hearty and delicious breakfast!